Kelly Hamilton

Principle Therapist

Bioresonance therapy gave me my life back…I had tried the diet, no wheat, do dairy, no sugar and all raw food.  It worked wonderfully for about a month and things went pear shaped from there.  I came across bioresonance therapy and after only a few sessions felt like I could get better and I did.  I went on to train as a bioresonance therapist completing my diploma in bioresonance in 2010.



Kelly Hamilton

Dip BRT – Bicom Australia (2010)
Anatomy and Physiology 1,2 and 3 (AIAS)
Nutrition 1 (AIAS)
Mineral Therapy (AIAS)
Basic Medical Terminology (AIAS)
Healthy Body Systems (AIAS)
Alan Baklayan (German Naturopathic DR – Bioresonance)
Medical Intuition (Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy) (2017)
Initiation by the elements – Learning the language of nature (Caroline Myss 2017)
Advanced Level Seminar Bicom – Dr Cassandra Mougiakou (2018)
Igniting Miracles in the Dark (Archetypes) – Robert Ohotto (2018)
The Art of Shadow Dancing with Archetypes – Robert Ohotto (2018)
Advanced Level Seminar 1 Bicom – Marica Pitman (2019)
Advanced Level Seimar 2 Bicom – Dr Sabine Rauch (2019)