Body Life Balance

Body Life Balance was created by Kelly Hamilton with a focus on the body’s natural rythms and self healing mechanism’s to assist people to address their health issues.

What is BICOM Bioresonance therapy?

BICOM Bioresonance therapy provides visual and auditory signals corresponding to the patients physiological status. It detects changes in the physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing process. Examples of use are pain reduction, muscle relaxation, stress reduction and reduction of allergic reactions. 

BICOM Bioresonance therapy is a non invasive and gentle therapy making it suitable for all age groups including children, babies and sensitive clients.

BICOM Bioresonance¬†therapy was developed in Germany. This therapy is practised by over 8000 practisioner’s in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over three quaters of these having orthodox medical training.